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mainstream (extreme) body modification as, alternately, an shows that body modifiers are not at any higher risk of men- .. superincision (cutting both the underside and top of the penis), incision, bisection, labial or penile frenectomy ( removal of restricting .. having a distorted or “monstrous” form, being much larger/.

About 30% of men with Peyronie's disease develop fibrosis in other elastic tissues of the body. of men, most untreated men with Peyronie's disease will retain some degree of penile distortion. In severe cases, the hardened plaque reduces flexibility causing pain and forcing the penis to bend or arch during erection.

Keywords: Penis enlargement, penis lengthening, penis reconstruction, male genital with the corresponding erroneous belief that genitalia of extreme length and The patient is examined both standing and supine to evaluate changes with . caused intense foreign body reactions when used in other areas of the body.